Product Description

Microtac Calcium Sulphate (MCS) panels consists of a fibre reinforced calcium sulphate core with galvanised steel sheet secured on the bottom of the panel. The top of the panel can be pre-applied in the factory with a variety of floor coverings (anti-static high pressure laminate, ceramic, conductive vinyl) or be bare finished with a galvanised steel sheet to receive other finishes (e.g carpet tiles). At its side, the panel is equipped with PVC self-extinguishing edge trim.



Product Features

Excellent fire resistance and fire protection
  • Non-combustible and has excellent fire resistance, MCS panels have achieved required standards for raised floor fire performance under Fire Code 2018 (Singapore)
Flexibility in finishes
  • Able to accommodate a variety of finishes such as carpet, tiles, vinyl, high pressure laminate (HPL)
  • Supply of finishes can be provided by other suppliers or pre-finished if preferred
Environmentally friendly
Achieved Singapore Green Building Product Label Very Good Rating


Product Loading Performance

Click on Performance Chart link for more details on loading performance of MCS panels