CRS structural ceiling system is a strut-framed metal pan ceiling system for data centres, designed to deliver optimal operational flexibility and containment efficiency, and engineered to support other requirements, including cable management and fire suppression.




  • No turnbuckle or reverse threaded rod sections are required.
  • Fasteners do not leave permanent paint damage to underside of channel improving aesthetics over life-cycle of ceiling.
  • Indexing notches located at fixed intervals on main grid extrusions for accurate location of connection brackets.
  • Design allows for seamless integration around standard penetrations.
  • Grid extrusion incorporates an underside channel for the insertion of fastening nuts which provide exceptional pull out resistance and connection reliability for robust fixing to the ceiling.
  • CRS Ceiling Systems are the optimal choice for applications where complex and concentrated overhead services are required including lighting, cable trays, fibre duct, fire protection, and power busways.
  • Attachment of preassembled ceiling sections to threaded rods simplified with innovative bracket design that hooks onto rod spindle, ie no fiddly connection to turnbuckles.
  • CRS ceiling systems allow for extremely rapid installation times providing extensive cost benefits over the more traditional & cumbersome structural ceiling systems.


CRS Data Centre Ceiling Tile Details

CRS ceiling tiles are made from a single formed metal sheet to an engineered profile that enhances seal integrity and ready access removal. All ceiling tiles are manufactured from electro gal or equivalent sheet metal guaranteeing inherent corrosion resistance and prevention of zinc whiskers. Available in a range of nominal pan sizes such as 1200 x 600mm to suit all common grid configurations. CRS also provide a range of base sheet metal thickness including 0.7mm, 0.9mm and 1.2mm with powder coated finish to align with applicable differential pressures. Perimeter seals can also be provided where extremely high containment integrity is required.

Joint Sealing

CRS ceiling systems are sealed against air leakage into the ceiling plenum using a purpose designed self-adhesive foam seal strip. The foam strip is applied on all perimeter sides of the ceiling tile to ensure it seals effectively into the ceiling grid. Tape will overlap sufficiently at ends so that adequate seal density is achieved in corners.


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