CRS hot and cold aisle containment solutions are vendor-neutral, enabling use with both CRS and non-CRS cabinets, are easily retrofittable, and can be used with or without conventional raised-floor cooling solutions.


The fully assembled system is free-floating, with each component free to thermally expand or contract at its own rate, eliminating “waves” or deflections, and maintaining the structural properties of the material.


Containment solutions effectively partition cold air delivery and hot air extraction, preventing cool air mixing with heat generated within cabinets, delivering a more efficient cooling system.



  • Decreased PUE
  • Increased efficiency and reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased data centre cooling capacity
  • Prolong and extend the life of equipment by allowing them to operate at much more efficient and less taxing levels
  • Compatible with Data Centre VESDA & Inergen gas suppression systems
  • Lower chiller running costs
  • Easily retrofitted and customized around pipe work, light fittings and sprinklers
  • Cool much higher heat loads per rack with much less power draw.
  • Allows for accurate cooling requirement forecasting
  • Can dramatically reduce energy costs, minimize hotspots and improve the carbon footprint of data centres
  • Increased CRAC efficiencies by allowing for higher return air temperature post installation due to the reduction in dissipation between hot and cold airflows
  • Can be used with or without conventional raised floor cooling. It is easily retrofit-ted into existing raised floor data centres and works in tandem with the raised floor as well as with extreme density cooling systems to produce highly efficient cooling solutions.
  • Smaller Carbon footprint
  • Consistently separates cold and warm areas without requiring structural changes to the data centre. A cold aisle retro fit can be implemented easily and quickly.
  • Heavy reductions in energy costs


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