Microtac MFS Access Floor System for Office Space provides commercial space owners and end-users with a cost-effective, safe and versatile access floor solution for modern office use.


The MFS Access Floor System for Office space provides the following advantages:


Panel comes in bare finishes by default and can accommodate a variety of floor finishes such as carpet, vinyl, tiles, high-pressure laminate. Owners can choose other suppliers for their finishes or request for our panels to be pre-finished.


Our MFS panels are certified and rated at 3 ticks (Excellent Rating) under the Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) certification scheme. This scheme is well recognized under Green Mark Scheme and usage of SGBP certified products will contribute points to Green Mark Scheme for buildings.


Safety hazards in cable and electrical services are contained in the access floor underfloor cavity with cut-outs of the panels to accommodate service outlet boxes.


Panels are interchangeable and comes in various load rating, accommodating different load requirements across the system. Our pedestals are also available in a variety of floor heights, allowing for flexibility to accommodate underfloor air cooling or other needs for higher underfloor space.